Jeffrey Campbell Releases Its Version of Balenciaga Cutout Boots

March 29, 2012 • By Mary

Does this pair of Balenciaga cutout boots worn by the prominent fashion blogger Rumi Neely look familiar to you?

These leather cutout boots with double buckles belong to the Balenciaga spring 2011 collection and became an instant hit among edgy, fashion-savvy women, including one of the most famous fashion bloggers in the world, Rumi Neely. However, this pair costs over a thousand US dollars, and that’s not something that every stylish woman can afford to spend on, even in the name of high fashion.

If you’re one of the many women who have been looking for a cheaper but high-quality version of these Balenciaga cutout boots, then you are in for a treat with the Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane boots below, which do look almost exactly like the original Balenciaga cutout boots. You can easily get a pair of these Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane cutout boots, which are available in three colors, for about a sixth of the original retail price of the Balenciaga boots:

Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane Boots in Tan and Black, $190.00

Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane Boots in Distressed Black, $190.00

Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane Boots in Distressed Brown, $190.00