Gorgeous or Gaudy? Bettie Page Heel-Less and Glittered Combat Boots

June 4, 2012 • By Mary

Sometimes we have to draw the line between gorgeous and gaudy, and this is certainly one of those times — seeing Bettie Page heel-less and glittered combat boots from Karmaloop! This one-of-a-kind combat boot design features an exaggerated version of the heel-less platform trend as well as the glitter covering. Although I can’t seriously imagine how anyone can wear such boots nor what outfits can be paired with them, some people might consider giving them a try just because they are unique! For those risk takers, check out these “Chablis” boots from Karmaloop, and let us know what you think!

Bettie Page Chablis Shoes in Black Glitter, $108.00

Bettie Page Chablis Shoes in Pink Glitter, $99.95

Bettie Page Chablis Shoes in Gold Glitter, $99.95