On the Cover: Fierce Boots for the Fierce Vampire, Bella Swan!

July 5, 2012 • By Mary

Now that the blockbuster vampire franchise is coming to an end and its female lead is finally becoming a fiercely legit vampire, she would need nothing but the fiercest outfits to accompany her transformation!

Entertainment Weekly recently published a sort of a preview of what the new-and-improved Bella Swan vampire version would be, as well as a preview of the look of the rest of the other main characters and the appearance of her half-human, half-vampire daughter. Kristen Stewart (a.k.a. Bella Swan) wore a rugged leather motorcycle jacket, which matched her black leggings and a pair of Boutique 9 Saffi laced-up boots:

Bella Swan Entertainment Weekly

If you want a piece of fierceness just like Bella Swan, then you gotta check out this pair of Boutique 9 Saffi laced-up leather boots, which you can grab from Amazon:

Boutique 9 Saffi Boots in Black, $192.00

Credit: EW Facebook