The Hottest July Trend Are Blink’s Sneaker Wedges

July 7, 2012 • By Karla Mae

Yes, everybody’s talking about Blink, a European brand, and its line of sneaker wedges for the sole fact that they are awesome! You might recall when SEE by Chloe released sneaker wedges late last year, which were dubbed to be the “it” items of this year. They still are, but if you can get practically the same design and have a wider range of colors for only $79.99/pair at retail, then why choose the version that is three times more expensive?

Celebrities in Blink’s sneaker wedges from JustFab

Even celebrities are catching on. Miranda Kerr, Alessandra Ambrosio, and Dakota Fanning are just a few of the big names seen wearing Blink’s chic sneaker wedges! Want an even juicier tip? At JustFab, you can get them for only $49.95. All you have to do is be a member (which, by the way, does NOT cost anything — yep, FREE!).

The 3 Sisters — Ajaxx, Adnee, and Adell — or the three styles of sneaker wedges from Blink

The sneaker wedges come in three styles: Ajaxx, Adell, and Adnee. They’re all lace-ups, but the Ajaxx looks sportier with that thick velcro strap running across the middle of the closure. It’s also the style that comes in eight color combinations, like cognac/yellow and cream/metallic. The Adell looks similar to the Ajaxx; only, it doesn’t have the velcro strap and instead has zippers running down the sides. It comes in only two color combinations: black/metallic and silver/gray. Finally, we recommend the Adnee for something more punk. This lace-up sneaker only comes in black and features silver all over its exterior. Very hardcore.

All Blink sneaker wedges go for $79.99 at retail and for only $49.95 if you’re a JustFab member: Top row, from left: Ajaxx in Magenta, Ajaxx in Cream/Metallic, Ajaxx in Blue, Ajaxx in Cognac; Bottom row, from left: Ajaxx in Cognac/Yellow, Adnee, Ajaxx in Cognac/Red, Adell in Silver/Gray

So, now, it’s not a question of whether you’re getting one. It’s more of which one are you getting?