Five Giuseppe Zanotti Boots to Set Your Heart Racing

July 11, 2012 • By Karla Mae

We know when something staggeringly beautiful has been set before us. Giuseppe Zanotti’s shoes never fail to shock, impress, and make us swoon. Here are five of his most memorable boots that we believe aren’t just high-end fashion but pure art.


Embellished Booties, $1,889

The curved wedges are one of Zanotti’s finest creation, and we thought this stud-encrusted pair carries it well.


Peep-Toe Shoe Boots, $661

Sleek and modern is the main style of Zanotti, but the above leather stiletto boot with a gold trim also comes in a funky Dalmatian-print trimmed in neon orange.


Platform Ankle Boots, $852

Silver gains new ground in these gray metallic ankle boots with the rather medieval cross buckle strap on the side.


Spiked Stiletto Boots, $1,781

Due to the rise of artists with an avant-garde style, such as Lady Gaga, imposing designs like spiked stiletto boots have gained new audience, and rightfully so.


Peep-Toe Ankle Boots, $1,112

Zanotti’s designs may be a bit out there, but they are also surprisingly versatile, as demonstrated by the fine-studded peep-toe ankle boots.

These featured Giuseppe Zanotti boots are available at Farfetch.