A Pair of Boots Dog People Would Love

August 26, 2012 • By Erika

I feel like dogs are under-represented in shoes. There’s reptile, snake, and crocodile. There’s feather and fur. And cats? Well, they’ve got everything covered from leopard print to tiger print to having their full faces embroidered right on shoes.

Yet dogs have nary a nod to them in footwear, which I think is strange considering we think of them as our best friends. Maybe they just don’t have that hot and sexy factor like other animals do?

Well, it certainly doesn’t look that way on these Alain Quilici for David Koma boots with gold metal greyhound dogs for heels.

Alain Quilici for David Koma Greyhound Net Leather Boots, $1,625.00

Finally, a pair of shoes for dog people! And not only do these boots make dogs look proud and regal, but they’re also high-fashion-looking, complete with an expensive designer price tag.

These boots take the metal heel trend to a whole new level. A level that not only dog lovers would appreciate.

Alain Quilici for David Koma Greyhound Net Leather Boots

What about you? Do you appreciate these gold metal greyhound-heeled boots?

Check ’em out at LuisaViaRoma.