Take ‘Em or Trash ‘Em? The Christian Louboutin “Aeronotoc” Calf Hair and Lace Booties

September 15, 2012 • By Erika

Ooh-wee… Christian Louboutin is up there when it comes to sexy shoes, but these ones we’re featuring today might be too sexy. Think bordello, “Lady Marmalade” levels of sexy — complete with all the lacy lingerie, feather boas, heavy perfume, fishnet stockings, wigs, and tons of makeup:

Christian Louboutin “Aeronotoc” Calf Hair and Lace Booties, $2,395.00

Maybe that is the look Christian Louboutin was going for when he designed these shoes. Well, he can’t always be designing those classic yet too simple styles we always see celebrities wear on the red carpet.

That said, these “Aeronotoc” booties actually look like they belong on the red carpet, but they obviously won’t be the first pair of Louboutins working girls and other collectors would save up for.

What about you? Would you take ’em or trash ’em? If you think they’re worthy of their $2,395 price tag, shop for a pair at Neiman Marcus.