Pendleton Adds an Offbeat-Chic Vibe to the Classic Dr. Martens

September 17, 2012 • By Mary

Sometimes it’s a good thing to put a new spin on some of our favorite classic pieces to keep things fresh and modern. Take the new Pendleton features of Dr. Martens boots, for example.

Isn’t it fascinating to see our beloved Doc Martens boots get a woven-wool makeover? Pendleton surely balanced out the rugged and edgy factor of the classic 1460 boots with a geometric aztec-inspired printed fabric! If you’re feeling this fresh Pendleton┬áspin on the classic Dr. Martens boots, then check out these new-in pairs from Nordstrom:

Pendleton for Dr. Martens Boot in Cherry, $184.95

Pendleton for Dr. Martens Boot in Black, $184.95