Dr. Martens Aggy 1490 Boots: Miley Cyrus’ Current Shoe Obsession

September 26, 2012 • By Erika

With her new short blonde hair, Miley Cyrus has also gotten a whole new punky and edgy wardrobe.

She used to endlessly wear Frye harness boots and Fye “Campus Lug Lace” boots before cutting her hair, but she has now taken to wearing Doc Martens — and not just the regular Doc Martens but the thick-soled, high-platformed creeper-style version of those iconic boots.

We all know how Miley Cyrus gets obsessed over a pair of shoes. She has been wearing these Doc Martens just absolutely everywhere — for example, out shopping in New York and Philadelphia and at Whole Foods in Toluca Lake as well as in a guest appearance on Two and a Half Men. She also posted the following Twitter pics:

Miley Cyrus’ Twitter pic with the caption, “It was just one of those CUHHH-RAZY pant days” — posted on August 16, 2012

Another Twitter pic from Miley Cyrus posted with the caption, “muahhhh”

The boots match Miley’s new haircut to a T, no doubt. But are you with her in obsessing over these boots or not?

Miley Cyrus is just crazy over these Dr. Martens “Aggy 1490” boots, one of the products of model Agyness Deyn’s collab with Dr. Martens:

Dr. Martens “Aggy 1490” Boots, £140.00 or approx. $226.49

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Credit: Miley Cyrus/Twitter, images supplied by WENN.com