Leather UGG Boots? Yes, They Exist!

October 13, 2012 • By Mary

Wondering whether you’re ready to wear UGG boots this fall/winter season or not? Don’t pressure yourself into getting into those bulky “ugg-ly” boots because UGG now offers decent-looking, even stylish, leather boots that you can easily wear every day this season!

Lo and behold the new look of UGG Australia boots from Nordstrom!┬áThese items are receiving rave reviews from customers who have previously shyed away from even considering wearing any pair of boots with the brand name “UGG” on them. Now, you can easily incorporate these UGG boots into your fall/winter wardrobe and, perhaps, even for spring/summer as well!

Go check them out, and see which of these would look best with your style regardless of the season:

UGG Australia “Cosima Mid” Boots in Chestnut & Black, $274.95

UGG Australia “Conor” Boots in Black & Fawn, $294.95

UGG Australia “Gillespie” Boots in Black, Fawn, & Charcoal, $299.95

UGG Australia “Broome II” Boots in Chocolate & Black, $269.95

UGG Australia “Kendrick” Boots in Black & Chestnut, $349.95