A New, Fun Version of the UGG Classic Short Sparkles Boots

October 18, 2012 • By Erika

UGG Australia first debuted its fully sequined “Classic Short Sparkles” boots in 2010 as one of Oprah’s favorite things on the very last “Oprah’s Favorite Things” episode. They’ve since added more colors to the lineup and even created a white-and-blue bridal version for their I Do Wedding Collection (yes, wedding ugg boots do exist).

We thought UGG couldn’t make its sequined boots any flashier or crazier, but, as always, it continues to innovate and thus prove us wrong. The newest version of the UGG “Classic Short Sparkles” boots is fresh and is definitely fun to play with!

The boot looks like the regular sequined “Classic Short Sparkles” when you view it like this:

 UGG “Classic Short Sparkles” Boot in Deco Blue

Note, however, that the sequins actually aren’t sewn flat. They go both ways, so when you run your hand over them, they flip over and transform the boot into an entirely different color!

 UGG “Classic Short Sparkles” Boots in Deco Blue

You know this means endless possibilities. You could scratch your name into the sequins or draw whatever you want in them. Going a day or even an hour without touching them would seem impossible!

The boots are also available in autumn and champagne colors:

 UGG “Classic Short Sparkles” Boots in Autumn

 UGG “Classic Short Sparkles” Boots in Champagne

These fun boots that’ll get you compliments and touches (wanted or unwanted) all day long retail for $190. You can shop for them at UGG Australia. They’re also available at Zappos.