The Ultrafashionable Workwear Boots by Red Wing Shoes

October 28, 2012 • By Robert

The all-American workwear look is a time-honored classic that will never really disappear from mainstream fashion circles. This rugged style is one that was made popular by legendary style icon James Dean. With his slick-backed hair, trademark leather jacket, and staple biker boots, he helped propel the everyday workwear look to new heights.

Arguably, the most important piece used to pull off this specific look is the pair of boots. I find no better time to feature one of the most popular, if not the most popular, work boots created by Red Wing Shoes. With its history going as far back as providing footwear to American soldiers fighting in WWI, it is best known for manufacturing tough footwear intended for heavy work.

With menswear collections everywhere re-visiting the very popular heritage trend, Red Wing recently released a Lifestyle collection drawing inspiration from past styles within the their long and storied history.

I own a pair of Red Wing boots and love to use them with light-wash denim jeans, a neutral-colored flannel button-down, and one of my bomber jackets. How would you wear them?

Check out the following awesome selection:

Red Wing 1907 Heritage Classic Lifestyle 6″ Moc Boots, $249.99

Red Wing Men’s 9017-0 Boot Chukka Cigar, $319.00

8113-1 Iron Ranger Flat Boots Hawthorne, $279.99

Red Wing 9014 Ankle Boots in Black, $319.00