Why You Should Own a Pair of “Doc” Martens

November 17, 2012 • By Robert

With their long and storied history, Dr. Martens have played a significant role in street fashion with young and old alike. I vividly recall receiving my first pair of “docs” when I was 13 years old and specifically remember contemplating which I was more proud to own, my entire transformers collection or my first pair of heritage Dr. Martens boots. And I’m not kidding!

My one and only complaint back then was the lack of cushioning by the heels of my foot, which probably made it an impractical choice for a young school kid walking to and from school everyday. Appearance-wise, it’s a totally different story. I thought back then (and have the same feelings today) that the pain was well worth it.

Most clothing brands would easily sacrifice comfort for a flashy style, which is why we salute Dr. Martens’ increased focus on constructing easier-to-wear footwear items. For example, some pieces now contain air pockets trapped inside the sole while being made from lighter material likely to please any foot.

While the heritage boot will always remain a sentimental favorite for all faithful followers, Dr. Martens have a wide range of styles to impress just about everyone.

Check out this selection from Zappos:


Dr. Martens Alfie Sand Canvas $71.00

Dr. Martens Bentley Brogue Boot $200.00

Dr. Martens Barnie Chukka Boot $120.00