Would You Shell Out $1,200 for the Alexander Wang Marta Runway Cutout Knee Boots?

January 16, 2013 • By Eryzle

We’ve already seen a lot of unconventional boot styles, and I think we can include the Alexander Wang Marta Runway cutout knee boots in the list. Alexander Wang has indeed crafted another bizarre, edgy, and modern boot design with this pair.

However, the problem with such designs is that most aren’t wearable. Perhaps models and celebrities are the only ones who could wear them, although I still doubt if they would wear them on casual days. I actually think that such boots look good only in magazines.

Anyway, let’s have a look at these Alexander Wang boots.

Alexander Wang Marta Runway Cutout Knee Boot

Alexander Wang Marta Runway Cutout Knee Boot1

Alexander Wang Marta Runway Cutout Knee Boot2Alexander Wang Marta Runway Cutout Knee Boots, $1,200

This looks a lot like the pair worn by J.Lo on Harper’s Bazaar‘s February 2013 issue, right? I wonder if there are any of you who would dare sport this, but in case you would, be sure you’re ready for attention.

This is simply made of polished calfskin leather, and as you can see, it has a very bold silhouette. Wide bands are looped through elastic straps for a custom fit. This also creates a cutout illusion, making it a lot edgier. The cutout shaft is 18-inch tall; it also has an 11-inch top circumference. For easy wear, this has full-length back zip fastening. Completing this modern boot design is the edgy chunky heel that measures about 4 1/4 inches.

Like it? Do you think it’s worth its hefty price tag?