Five Fashionable Ways to Wear Tough-Looking Military Boots

January 26, 2013 • By Eryzle

Military boots or combat boots may be too tough for a woman, but these days, many are actually wearing such not just to battle the cold weather but also to show a fashionably chic look. And since many of you out there (I suppose) are experiencing freezing weather, why not take advantage of it and wear a pair of tough-looking military boots? But I know you don’t want to look that tough every time you wear one, so I suggest you take a look at how these bloggers wear theirs.

1. Classic casual (featuring Dawn Ngo)

Dawn Ngo Military Lace Up Boots

You’ll never go wrong with a classic casual look. Light-washed jeans with a loose top can work for a daily wear, but to add a touch of edge and style to the usual ensemble, finishing the getup with a pair of military-inspired boots (just like Dawn’s Steve Madden boots) will surely do the trick.

2. Chic rebellious (featuring Chanelle M)

Chanelle M Military Lace Up Boots

Only a few can brave the cold weather in a sweetheart minidress, and Chanelle M is one of them. Her very pretty Shoshanna dress in rose is, without a doubt, very feminine. Some would wear it with pumps or sandals, but she opted to style it with a pair of military-inspired boots by Louis Vuitton, and surprisingly, she looked picture perfect. She has shown a chic-rebellious impact. Not only did her boots add edge to her total getup, but they also added warmth. But, of course, her Black Forest coat also shielded her from the cold weather.

3. Playful sophistication (featuring Olivia Harrison)

Olivia Harrison Military Lace Up Boots

Take it from Olivia and transform the usually boring black-gray monotone getup into something stylish and sophisticated. Wear your collared shirt and tuck it in your pretty miniskirt, and then put on your coat, tights, and boots for a stylish cold-weather getup. You can also wear socks, and let them peek out from the top of your boots if you want to add more style. Her Dr. Martens may be tough, but they provided some playfulness to her sophisticated getup.

4. Cool and comfy (featuring Izzy Bea)

Izzy Bea Military Lace Up Boots

Wear your military-inspired boots with shorts, a simple black top, and a loose boyfriend shirt similar to what Izzy did, and you’re all set to venture the city in a comfy and cool way. If you notice, Izzy didn’t fully fasten the laces on her Roc boots, giving another interesting detail. You might also want to wear silver accessories or a chain necklace just like hers for a tougher but stylish look. Her sunnies definitely offered a cool chic feel, too!

5. Wintry chic (featuring Nun Visitsak)

Nün Visitsak Military Lace Up Boots

Here’s a look that’s perfect for those who want to play outside in snow just like Nun here. The ensemble may be quite classic, but the play of colors gave the blue weather some needed brightness. Her Urban Outfiitters polka-dot button-down shirt was paired with shorts and tights as well as styled with H&M red gloves and yellow Dr. Martens boots — a very stylish pair. The pop of colors, moreover, is just so chic and playful.