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Did you know that one of the oldest pair of shoes ever found was in the form of a boot?

On display at the Museum of Natural and Cultural History are shoes found in Fort Rock Cave, dated to be at least 9,000 years old. The lower part of the shoes are made of twined fibers and the long ropes attached to the soles extend up the leg to cover the ankles and tie around them. Other thousands-of-years old shoes also had netting, ropes, skins, or shafts that covered and extended up the leg, protecting the wearer from snow, water, mud, and injuries.

Boots at the present still function the same in that they protect our lower limbs from hazards, but they sure¬†have come a long way from their original design. Now we’ve got boots made not just for protection, but for just about every activity we would ever need boots for. We’ve got boots made for all kinds of sports, boots for all types of work, and boots made just for the sake of style and fashion.

SPORTS Figure skaters have ice skates, mountaineers have hiking boots, snowboarders have snow/ski boots – the list goes on. Sportsmen and sportswomen subject their bodies to a lot of strain and stress so protective gear such as boots are a necessity. Your playground of choice may be the field, the mountain, the snow, or the sea, but no matter what type of terrain you choose, you can be sure to find boots tailor made for each and every one of them.

WORK Firemen need to wear fire resistant safety boots when fighting fire. Construction workers have to have steel-toe boots to protect their feet from falling objects that may puncture their feet. Fishermen who fish for leisure or for work wear waterproof rubber waders, which may go just up to the knee or all the way up to the hip. Military boots have different categories within itself, and they can be further subdivided into other types such as combat boots, paratrooper boots, jackboots, jungle boots and etc. For these people, boots aren’t just part of the uniform, wearing or not wearing them could mean the difference between life and death.

STYLE AND FASHION Fashionable boots have been taking inspiration from the previous two categories for centuries. There’s a thin line between sports, work, and fashion boots and it is often blurred when comes to expressing personal style. Riding boots have walked a fair share of the runway, combat boots have been taken out of the war field and on to urban streets, cowboy boots are worn not just by cowboys, and even sheepskin-lined snow boots aren’t just for snow anymore. As people’s styles continue to evolve, so will boots in the next centuries to come.

Whether you wear boots for function, for fashion or both, we’re sure to have a pair of boots just for you here on Boots4You.com.

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