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A Collection of Boots to Rock Your Father’s Day!

A Collection of Boots to Rock Your Father's Day!

This Father’s Day, find the most rockin’ boots for your favorite guy! Check out the stylish collection of boots at Barneys, from usual favorites like Timberland to stylish brands like Paul Smith! We’re loving the vintage look from the distressed brown leather chukkas (there’s a lot of them). There are ... Read more »

Timberland Anime 6-Inch Boots

Timberland Anime 6-Inch Boots

Look what I found just sitting around in the virtual bargain bin over at the discount site 6pm:

It’s the Timberland Anime 6-Inch Boots for women!

I know I’m a little late in featuring these boots here on our blog (Timberland first introduced these boots way back in late 2008 / early ... Read more »

Timberland’s Famous Men’s Work Boots – for Women

Timberland's Famous Men's Work Boots - for Women

Timberland has been selling these ever-popular men’s boots since they began making them in the 1970s – and they have been selling them well:

From construction workers, to concrete layers, to hiphop artists, to movie stars, men turn to Timberland’s Classic 6″ Premium Boot not just for its durability and dependability, ... Read more »