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Look Who’s a Fan of UGG and Jimmy Choo Collaboration Boots!

Look Who's a Fan of UGG and Jimmy Choo Collaboration Boots!

Many expressed their dislike for these boots over at our Facebook fan page, but look who’s a fan of the UGG and Jimmy Choo collaboration – none other than supermodel, super businesswoman, super TV host herself, miss Heidi Klum.

Heidi Klum was spotted arriving at LAX last Wednesday afternoon wearing the ... Read more »

UGG and Jimmy Choo “Thank God It’s Limited Edition” Collaboration

UGG and Jimmy Choo "Thank God It's Limited Edition" Collaboration

Amber Valletta models for UGG and Jimmy Choo

The UGG and Jimmy Choo limited edition boots are finally out and available. Coming from two immensely successful, multi-million dollar footwear brands, very high expectations were built for this fashion collaboration since it was announced early this year.

Unfortunately, all the hype turned out ... Read more »