Bogs Boots: The Ultimate Warm and Waterproof Boot

January 14, 2010 • By Erika

When it comes to purchasing the best warm waterproof shoes, whose advice do you think you should trust?

Fashion mags?


Try Alaskan boat captains, Antarctic trekkers, and locals who live in the wet, windy, snowy, and often times muddy Willamette Valley and the Cascade Range.

Bogs, a shoe maker who has been in the industry for over 40 years, went about asking these people what they wanted in a boot they could wear for work, play, and their everyday activities. With their answers, Bogs came up with a line of footwear that can only be best described as the ultimate all-weather boot.

Bogs boots for women

Check out these bestselling women’s Bogs boots. The rubber sole may make it look like a regular rain boot, but get this: the shaft of the boot is neoprene, the same material that scuba diving suits are made out of. Neoprene combined with rubber pretty much guarantees 100% waterproofness, and this makes Bogs boots absolutely impenetrable by water, rain, mud, and snow.

Bogs boots for men

When we say Bogs boots are made for cold weather, we really do mean ice-cold: these boots are rated for temperatures down to -65 degrees F!

Okay, some of you out there might be wondering if Bogs boots might be a bit too warm for everyday use, especially if they’re made for sub-zero temperatures. Bogs certainly didn’t overlook this fact and that’s why they added a lining that not only keeps feet warm, but also wicks away sweat and moisture. They also added insoles that are anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and odor-resistant. You can see they really thought this through.

Women definitely have more color choices, but men get to have their fun too: aside from the blacks and browns, there’s also the mossy oak camo color (pictured above) and the hard wearing steel-toe version (real steel that’s ASTM approved).

Bogs boots for kids

We know kids will love the side tabs on Bogs boots, and we bet that anyone of any age has wished for something to help them pull their boots on one time or another. This little detail makes Bogs boots instantly distinguishable from other boots – you can tell they’re Bogs even from afar. And although not as often seen, the sole pattern on Bogs has an identity all on its own: not only is it non-marking, but it also makes Bogs boots skid-proof and slip-proof.

Our only complaint about Bogs is: why weren’t these boots made earlier?

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