Top 3 Best-Selling Snow Boots for Women

January 20, 2010 • By Erika

When we say “snow boots”, we mean a boot that will not only protect your feet from the wet and the cold, but will also really let you trek in the snow with them. We mean the boots that you’d want to take outdoors with you – not just the kind for trudging sidewalks, walking salted city streets, or hanging out indoors while it’s snowing outside.

So now that we’ve covered snow boots for men and snow boots for kids, it’s high time we wrote about the top snow boots for women.

We¬†gathered the best of the best snow boots for the fairer sex and here is our list of the 3 best-selling and most hard-wearing women’s snow boots. Enjoy!

3. Ara Munchen 48523 (Sold Out)

Taking third place are these Munchen 48523 from Ara. They look like fancy, dressy snow boots, but they are in fact loaded with cold-weather-fighting features. They’re insulated with fur lining which keep feet warm and comfortable. They’re lined with Gore fabric which connects the sides and improves the fit of the boot. Lastly, they’re finished with Gore-Tex, a type of breathable fabric that amazingly makes the entire boot waterproof yet keeps your feet sweat and moisture-free. Read the rave reviews for yourself and purchase these boots for $192.95.

2. Merrell Saratov

Yes, that’s a grain leather upper, but trust Merrell to make sure they’re 100% waterproof. The lining alone is made up of 3 different patented snow footwear technologies, including one that prevents bacteria and mold growth. This boot is also designed to be anatomically correct, and Merrell’s very own Snow De Vie sticky rubber sole will stop any slippage dead in its tracks (literally). These are $184.95 at Amazon.

1. The North Face Abby II

Taking the number 1 spot just like it did in the kids category (and still ranks very high in the men’s category) is a snow boot made by The North Face. The first Abby boot was identified by its fur-lined center and shoelace tabs, and we’re glad they still put that on version number 2. ¬†Any product from The North Face is sure to have been well-tested against the elements, so expect nothing but super warm insulation, 100% waterproofness, and extra comfortable ergonomic fit. Oh and you can wear these boots up as a tall boot, or the “collars” rolled down as a short boot. These are $159.45 at The North Face.