Tretorn Strala Vinter – Stylish Rubber Boots for Men

January 24, 2010 • By Erika

Women have it easy when it comes to footwear. That’s natural, considering our long-term love affair with shoes. Shoemakers always consider both needs AND wants when making shoes for us, and any shoe style any woman ever wanted is sure to come in a plethora of colors, patterns, and heel heights.

Take rubber rain boots for example. They used to be plain, boring, and ugly, but because they’re footwear that women wear, someone was bound to turn them into a fashionable piece of clothing. We first had rain boots in all sorts of colors, now we’re seeing them in polka-dots, in croc skin, and even in motorcycle boot style (check out some really stylish rain boots we featured before).

As for the men, well… they need shoes too. But function often trumps fashion when it comes to men’s tastes, and to have them together in one shoe is a very difficult balancing act.

Enter Tretorn and their version of men’s rubber boots, the Strala Vinter:

Tretorn Strala Vinter in ombre blue

“Ugly rubber boot” is the last thing you’d think of these boots. The matte finish, the side goring and the pull on tabs make them look like dress shoes, and if it weren’t for the rubber materials, you’d think they were leather shoes at first glance.

Function comes in through the soles, and those grippy vulcanized rubber midsoles will definitely hold on to the ice and snow. The lining is only synthetic faux fur, but they do keep the feet nice and warm. Coupled with the rubber uppers, you’d only need to wear light to medium weight socks with these 100% waterproof rain boots.

A satisfied customer from San Anselmo, CA couldn’t have said it any better:

“As a rule,¬†rain boots are ugly. They’re rubber; they’re pure utility; the only reason to wear them is, it’s raining and you don’t want to ruin your other shoes, or get your feet wet. So these¬†boots are a really refreshing challenge to that rule.”

Now, as a woman, I think someone should make ankle-length rain boots for women too.

Tretorn Strala Vinter in black/charcoal grey