Vans Reily W Boots: 2 Very Different Styles for 1 Boot

January 28, 2010 • By Erika

We can’t help but equate Vans shoes with Jeff Spicoli from Fast Times at Ridgemont High. And because Sean Penn made Spicoli to be such a lovable character (which made the Vans checkerboard shoes he wore in the movie an overnight success), we also can’t help but love Vans shoes. Take these new fur-trimmed boots for instance:

Vans Reily W Boots (Sold Out)

You just can’t go wrong with reinventing an iconic shoe, even if it is a skateboarding slip-on turned into a full on warm boot.

The Vans Reily W Boot is definitely made for winter, what with its suede upper, fur trim, and fully lined shaft. But the rubber sole betrays the boot’s skateboarding origins, easily recognized as Van’s signature style. The boot itself may look far from the skateboarding slip-on we all have come to know, but those soles with the trademark waffle tread identify these boots as genuine Vans:

Vans Reily W Boots sole view

The first edition of these boots was a special collaboration between Vans and respected tattoo artist Kim Saigh. Released late last year, the original Vans Reily W Boots was a lot more hard rock than soft fur, and was further toughened up with a tattoo of its own:

Vans Reily W Boots in (KS Snakes) black

It’s got the whole motorcycle boot going on, and yes, these boots made a special appointment with Kim Saigh to get that ink done. Also, these are made of real cracked leather and not suede like the tan fur boot.

So are you the suede and fur type or the tattoo and leather type?