The Best Cowboy Boots for Men and Women

February 8, 2010 • By Erika

Cowboy boots were one of the hot trends for Fall/Winter 2009-2010. They hit the stores in a slew designs late last year and we got all sorts of cowboy boots that were bejeweled, covered in studs, and very distressed.  Even the very vogue thigh high height wasn’t spared:

Studded, bejeweled, distressed, and thigh-high cowboy boots

Now that designers have started showing their Spring/Summer 2010 collections, it looks like cowboy boots have been taken off the catwalk and shelved once again.

But that’s according to designers. Despite what they (and fashion editors, fashion publications, and Paris/Milan/Tokyo runways) are saying, cowboy boots can be worn year round. This boot style dates way back to the early 1500s (500 years ago!) and when something’s been around for that long, I think they deserve to be called a classic.

Teri Hatcher and her daughter Emerson Rose apparently think so too:

Teri Hatcher and daughter Emerson Rose hold hands after eating lunch at the Midi Cafe with their dog Los Angeles, February 4

The mother-daughter tandem was snapped in their matching cowboy boots last February 4, where they spent the afternoon bonding over lunch and walking their fluffy white pooch.

Teri and Emerson’s deep-dip shaft high-heeled cowboy boots are ultra fashionable, but if you want a pair that can be worn all year long, then you should go for a more enduring style. The classic Frye Harness Boots are undoubtedly the best, most popular cowboy boots right now, both for men and women:

Frye Men’s Harness Motorcycle Boot

Frye Women’s Harness Motorcyle Boot

The Frye Harness boots, with their timeless style and classic design, hold a special place in American culture and history. In fact, a pair of Frye boots were specifically chosen by the Smithsonian Institute to represent America in the 1960s. The boots are on display at the museum up to this day. It definitely can’t get more American than the Frye Company and a pair of cowboy boots.

Have your own piece of history and invest in these classic cowboy boots at Bootbarn. The men’s are at $199.99 while the women’s are $189.99.

Credit: Owen Beiny /