Boots and Socks – Stuck Together?

February 22, 2010 • By Erika

I’ve always had a bone to pick with two separate pieces of clothes that are sewn together. Like, how hard is it to wear a vest after a shirt? Or a shirt over another shirt? And rolling up sleeves never presented any problems for anyone I know, so why do designers feel the need to sew sleeves that are permanently stuck to the elbows?

Okay, so the last isn’t really an example of clothes that are stuck together, but this one sure is – the Annabel sweater bootie from Luichiny:

Luichiny Annabel in tan

Is it a sock? Is it a boot? Is it a mary jane shoe? No, it’s all of the above!

Why bother with putting on socks when you can just slip your feet into these babies? You can roll the socks down to turn them into ankle boots or pull them up the calf to turn them into full boots. Keep people wondering about exactly what type of shoes you have on!

Luichiny Annabel in black

Now for the hard part: Wouldn’t the socks get dirty eventually? So how are you supposed to wash these things? You can’t really just throw leather shoes into the washing machine.

The cable knit socks are lovely, but what if you want to change the color of your socks? Are they interchangeable at least? Or does Luichiny suggest that we buy all colors of the Annabel sweater booties?

So many unanswered questions.

If the whole point of adding socks to shoes was to keep them from scrunching down – and we’re already sewing clothes together anyways – then maybe sewing the top of the socks to them hem of shorts or skirts would be a better idea hmm?

Oh and the Luichiny Annabel is available in coffee color too with what appears to be the same mary jane shoe as the tan color: