Hiker Boots with Heels at the Sportmax Fall / Winter 2010-11 Fashion Show in Milan

March 4, 2010 • By Erika

Fashion websites, style blogs and even celebrity sites were all about the Milan Fashion Week these past few days. While they covered everything from backstage happenings to fashion insider gossip about why celebrities were conspicuously missing from the front row seats, the real news was (surprise!) the fashion shows themselves. Some countries may have taken a jab at fashion, its stereotypes, and its idiosyncracies some time or another, but in a place like Milan where fashion is integrated into culture, the industry is serious business.

So on with the fashion show.

Sportmax, a label under the Italian fashion house MaxMara, showed a lot of easy-to-wear clothes in high-end fabrics at the Sportmax Fall/Winter 2010-2011 fashion show last February 26. Casual pieces like wrap dresses, anoraks, and checkered shirts got the luxury treatment as they were constructed out of materials like crepe de chine, silk charmeuse, and glittery knits:

Sportmax Fall/Winter 2010 – 2011 fashion show

Nearly all of the models had these femmed-up alpine hiker boots on their feet to complement the sportswear clothes in the collection:

Hiker boots with heels

Now I know some women have issues with athletic shoes turned heels because they defeat the athletic purpose of the shoes. Like on these Sportsmax hiker boots, adding the heel makes them look good on the runway but that pretty much ends any future these shoes may have in actually being used for a hiking trip. So all of the hiking boot features are there: the steel lace tabs, the leather and suede uppers, and the rubber sole traction, but the 4″ heel reduces all those great hiking boot features to nothing but decoration.

These Rockport Eldridge Lane aren’t hiking boots, but they’re in a similar hiker-boots-with-heels style. But because the stacked heels are square instead of stilettos, these could be much more comfortable than the ones in the Sportmax fashion show:

Women’s Rockport Eldridge Lane

No wait – according to one customer who bought them, they are more comfortable:

“… I thought the heel hight might be a problem, but it has such a nice fit, it doesn’t bother my feet at all, and I usually can’t wear high heel much.” – Liz from Maine

Maybe we can actually get some function out of all the decoration? What’s more is the Rockport Eldridge Lane has a rubber outsole, leather sock lining, and adiPRENE for foot cushioning. So even though they look like athletic shoes turned fashion heels, these boots are a lot more than it appears to be.