Style on Trial: Sporty Heels, Heeled Athletic Shoes, or Sneakers with Heels

March 12, 2010 • By Erika

In theme with last week’s post on hiker boots at the Sportmax Fall/Winter 2010-2011 fashion show, here’s a blog post dedicated solely to athletic shoes with heels.

So, sporty heels, heeled athletic shoes, or sneakers with heelswould you run a mile in them or run away in the other direction when you see them?

Here are 4 boots in the heeled sneaker style that we are putting on trial right now:


There sure is a lot going on in these heeled sneakers from DSQUARED2. It’s got a nearly 4-inch high wedge heel placed on top of a 3/4-inch platform. The sides of the shoes are entirely cut out and then covered again with straps. As if that’s not enough, the designers decided to make this wedge platform boot into a wedge platform peep toe boot, just because they can. And this isn’t the worst of it. DSQUARED2 C037, now only $383.


It’s a sneaker turned into an ankle boot and yes, the heel is made of rubber. They also splashed on a very trendy leopard print while they were at it. DKNY Erins are now only $108.11 ($104.00 for the white color).

DKNY Emily

Here’s another one from DKNY, the DKNY Emily. We’re all well aware that DKNY incorporates a lot of casual sportswear into their clothing line, but is this really an “easy-to-wear piece” that would be appropriate for someone living a “fast-paced New York life”? At least that’s what DKNY claims to draw inspiration from anyways.

These $140.00 sneaker heels also come in garish gold and sleazy silver.


Last but not least, these super colorful, super impractical booties from DSQUARED2. They’ve got the same wedge platform peep toe boot design like the DSQUARED2 C037s, but these take it to a whole different level with the pull on loops, cushioned ankles, and mesh overlay. Ironically, these are the most expensive boots at $500.00.

If the price is any indication of how successful a design is, then the mega-reduction on these boots’ prices is saying something. Except for the  DKNY Emilys, all of the boots in this list are on sale. The DKNY Erins are 16% off and both boots from DSQUARED2 are at least 55% off.

Hey, at least you get a big discount. These 4 heeled sneaker style boots are all available at Zappos.