New Cutout Boots: BOSS Hugo Boss Savanah Brings the Knee High Gladiators Back

March 14, 2010 • By Erika

I went off to check out some new boot arrivals at Zappos and this is what first greeted me right at the top of the first page:

These are the Savanah 10125534 01 Boots from BOSS Hugo Boss, freshest of the freshest picks from the new boot arrivals. They’re a knee-high boot with a sandal sole (Sandboot? Bootandal?) accented by multiple circular cutouts.

Now Hugo Boss is bringing them knee highs back.

I initially thought that you would have to put these Savanah boots on from the top, but the designers at Hugo Boss wisely put a zipper at the back to make them easier to slip on and off. That’s a relief because these boots have at least 3 cutouts – not to mention 3 more circle details – to accidentally put your foot through.

At a $554.00 price point, the BOSS Hugo Boss Savanahs are no impulse buy. Before anyone would plunk down a pretty penny for these, they would have had thought long and hard about how, where, and what to wear with these boots. Despite the flat heel, the muted ebony color, and the minimal embellishments, I consider wearing these boots a risqué choice.

Can you make the BOSS Hugo Boss Savanah 10125534 01 boots work?