3 Muy Sexy Multiple Strap Boots for All Budgets

April 12, 2010 • By Erika

I’ve gone from liking “gathered” boots to being completely enamored by multiple strap boots in just under a week.

It’s easy to understand why though, because many-strap boots are gorgeous many times over. And these aren’t just your regular, run-of-the-mill strappy boots; these are fully covered boots with crisscrossing straps overlapping each other on top of the boot. A lot of great details, the straps and buckles add visual texture, and they’re very interesting to look at on the feet when worn.

Here are 3 of my multiple strap boot picks. They’re also at 3 different price points – there’s a boot to fit different types of budgets. Check ’em out below:


I love high heel boots especially when they have hidden platform soles that balance out the heel height. Boutique 9 Siaka, $224.95.


These boots have so many great colors, I didn’t know which one to pick. I settled for the dark brown so it’s in theme with the rest of the boots on this list.

I classified these Charles by Charles David Hustle boots as “spend” because they’re originally $175.00, but thanks to shopping bargain websites like 6pm, you can now get these boots for only $86.25. What a deal huh? What’s even more is they still have the complete range of colors!


These Naughty Monkey Exhibitionist boots are the cheapest at $60.00 (after the 50% off price slash) but I find these to be the most attractive. I may be attracted to cheap things, but you can call me the queen of cheap as long as I get to wear boots like these! (P.S. The dark brown color of these boots are just luscious).

So which of these 3 multiple strap boots would you pick?