Top 5 Sun Worthy Summer Boots for Women

April 20, 2010 • By Erika

Even though sandals are the footwear frontliners during summer, I know boot lovers out there aren’t really that ready to give up our favorite style of shoes. Sandals may be cooler to the feet, but boots are just so comfortable to wear and they keep feet protected and (more importantly for me) clean. Even Pamela Anderson agrees:

Pamela Anderson in full Baywatch lifeguard attire… and ugg boots

Okay, I probably wouldn’t go as far as wearing ugg boots in the sweltering heat (although uggs lined with authentic sheepskin do wick away moisture and keep feet cool), but there are just so many styles of boots available right now that there’s bound to be a sun-worthy, summer-ready pair out there.

And I was right: remember when the peep toe boot / open toe boot first came out and people were so confused by it? Well, NOW they’re filling up the shelves of online shoe stores who are stocking up on these boots for the spring and summer season like there’s no tomorrow. These, along with bright colors, cutout boots, and ankle boots, are the choice summer footwear for boot lovers who just can’t put their beloved shoes at the back of their closets.

Check out these boots – open-toed, peep-toed, or not – that worship the sun as much as people after the winter season do. Here are the top 5 summer boots for women (I’ll feature summer boots for men and for kids in the next parts of this post):

With rubber soles and canvas uppers, these foldover boots will take you from spring to summer. Arche Daly Toile Lin, $127.40 (70% off).

Keep cool with cutouts. Kelsi Dagger Cola Heel, now only $95.99.

Make like Kate Bosworth and wear cowboy ankle boots with everything, everywhere. Lucky Brand Chantel, now only $94.46.

If you must wear tall boots, pick a light color or a nice bright print like on these Dr. Martens 1B99 W, $113.20.

And my favorite, boots masquerading as sandals or sandals masquerading as boots. It’s like the combat boot, the gladiator sandal, and the cutout trend in one. American Retro Athena Lace Up Booties, $310.00.

What kind of boots would you wear for the summer?