Fashion Challenge: Jeffrey Campbell Spats

July 30, 2010 • By Erika

Before I get on with this boot challenge, let’s define what spats are in case you were like me and seeing the word “spats” also had you scratching your head.

From the dictionary:

Spats – A short gaiter worn over the instep and usually fastened under the foot with a strap

The definition goes on to say that spats were worn especially in the late 19th and early 20th centuries particularly by army men who wore them as part of their parade dress and ceremonial uniforms. In more modern times, some characters in “The Flintstones” cartoon were drawn as wearing spats (but still with no shoes) to depict that they were rich and high society.

Now I don’t think these spats depict rich and high society more than it screams “I’m fashionable – look at ME!!!”. But still, somewhere deep inside me, I believe these things could actually look good if only worn with the right clothes and styled the right way.

So here’s another challenge for boot lovers out there, the Jeffrey Campbell Spats:

From left to right, that’s the Jeffrey Campbell Coin-2, the Jeffrey Campbell Coin Quilt and the Jeffrey Campbell Coin Slash.

On a practical and economical point of view, $99.95 for something that can turn your shoes into a dramatic pair of boots is actually not a bad deal. But on the other hand, these spats don’t really go with just any pair of shoes and their tight fit don’t look like they would fit very well over say, a nice pair of ankle boots that would otherwise be great to wear in the winter.

Fashion-wise, I can’t deny that these things would look extremely fierce. I think I would actually try and wear these if I had a pair. But the shoes I’m imagining these spats with don’t look like they would fit; for one thing they’re 4 inches high and second, they’re thick platform wedges:

Jeffrey Campbell Genius, $169.95 (Sold Out)

Too bad. They have the same rock n’ roll look and the same brand and everything.

So the Jeffrey Campbell Spats – would you dare to wear or give them the boot?