Steve Madden Foxiee Fur Boots

October 6, 2010 • By Erika

I’m still on the fence about these $2,095 Christian Louboutin Toundra Booty Fur Boots I featured in a previous post last August. I asked if you found them “appealing or appalling” and offered the Jeffrey Campbell Shield fur spats as a way of getting the look for less.

One reader said in the comments that the Christian Louboutins are worth their thousand-dollar (or in this case, two thousand-dollar) price tags, and that no cheaper alternatives can replace them. I found myself somewhat agreeing; no shoe brand ever achieved exclusivity and prestigiousness for being cheap and affordable. However, the unfortunate reality remains that not everyone can afford to plunk down that much money for a pair of shoes, especially for a pair that’s more trendy than practical.

So here I am trying to find a less expensive option to the Christian Louboutin fur boots again. Not that I’m on a quest to find one – it’s just that I came across these boots from Steve Madden and couldn’t help but write about them:

Steve Madden Foxiee Fur Boots (Sold Out)

Now, fur boots are aplenty but the appearance of the faux fur and the high heel on these Steve Madden Foxiee Fur Boots are similar to the Christian Louboutins. No buckles though and the heels on these are an inch lower at 4″ high, but the price tag on these are (thankfully) much, much, MUCH lower than the CLs.

These Steve Madden fur boots are $139.95. And with the 21% price slash Solestruck has placed on them, they are now even more affordable at $109.95. That makes them even cheaper than the Jeffrey Campbell fur spats!

So what do you think of these “look for less” fur boots this time?