UGG and Jimmy Choo “Thank God It’s Limited Edition” Collaboration

November 20, 2010 • By Erika

Amber Valletta models for UGG and Jimmy Choo

The UGG and Jimmy Choo limited edition boots are finally out and available. Coming from two immensely successful, multi-million dollar footwear brands, very high expectations were built for this fashion collaboration since it was announced early this year.

Unfortunately, all the hype turned out to be, well, just hype and not even Amber Valletta’s beauty could mask what they truly are: nothing more than just overly bedazzled boots stuck with studs, stars and fringes.

Clockwise from top left: UGG and Jimmy Choo Mandah, $495.00; UGG and Jimmy Choo Siobhan, $495.00; UGG and Jimmy Choo Kaia in Cream Zebra and in Charcoal Zebra, $595.00

UGG and Jimmy Choo Starlit in Black and Chestnut, $595.00

UGG and Jimmy Choo Sora in Chestnut, Black and Chocolate, $695.00

Even Jimmy Choo president Tamara Mellon admitted that they took “the traditional boot and just decorated it”. Well, that’s what the boots ended up looking like. I feel like UGG could’ve held on of those “Celebrities Design Uggs for Charity” events and they would’ve come up with the same thing.

Wait a minute – celebrities DO designed Uggs for charity. In fact, they do it every year! UGG Australia holds their Art & Sole Auction at the end of each year where they let celebrities and other famous personalities go to town on Ugg boots. Most of these boots are just hand painted, but I would prefer these over overpriced, over-bedazzled Uggs any day:

Celebrity-designed Ugg boots from the UGG Australia’s 6th Annual Art & Sole Auction

UGG and Jimmy Choo had their savvy design teams to back up their collaboration but their only advantage over these doodled-on boots is a glue gun. At least the proceeds from these celebrity-designed boots benefit the St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital.

The UGG and Jimmy Choo limited edition boots are available at MyTheresa¬†and SaksFifthAvenue. The new Ugg boots aren’t all bad — in fact, they have some pretty good designs this season which we’ll feature in a next post.