Ashley Tisdale’s Confusing Way of Wearing Dolce Vita Donnie Over The Knee Boots

November 27, 2010 • By Erika

I’d like to take a break from all the sale alerts today to bring you these pictures of Ashley Tisdale out in Toluca Lake, California last Friday.

The over the knee boots she’s wearing here actually look pretty cool, but she paired it with what is probably the most confusing outfit I have seen her in:

Ashley Tisdale gets breakfast at Mo’s Diner in Toluca Lake, California with boyfriend Scott Speer the morning of November 26, 2010

So let’s see: that’s a fur jacket with a tissue-thin white tank top and cut off denim shorts with over the knee boots. I’m all for mixing and matching, but this outfit looks like it lost its way through transitioning from spring to summer to fall to winter all at once.

I gotta give Ashley Tisdale props for pulling off the socks with boots look though. Socks with over the knees is tricky and has a huge potential to fail, but it turns out to be the one thing that I like about Ashley Tisdale’s head-scratching outfit.

Ashley Tisdale’s boots are these Dolce Vita Donnie Boots:

These are designed to be just over the knee but could easily reach up to mid-thigh on petite women. As you can see on Ashley Tisdale, these boots also have the tendency to slouch if you don’t have the height, so tall girls, these boots might be made just for you.

You can get the Dolce Vita Donnie Boots at Amazon.