Black Rooster Ariel vs. Dereon Tulip

December 26, 2010 • By roselle

Just thought it would be fun to have a little contest today. Here are two almost identical looking boots from Black Rooster and Dereon.  I have a strong feeling these  are knock-off versions of a more luxurious pair, but I’m not exactly sure from which designer brand yet (perhaps you can enlighten me…). The similarities are quite uncanny; even their silhouettes are the same. Take a look:

Black Rooster Ariel in Black/Grey, $135 (Sold Out)

Dereon Tulip in Black, $96

Can you spot the difference? And which do you prefer?

The Black Rooster Ariel also comes in Brown/Tan combination while the Dereon Tulip also comes Taupe/White combination.

Black Rooster Ariel in Brown/Tan and Dereon Tulip in Taupe/White