JustFab – A Personalized Shopping Experience on a Budget

February 3, 2011 • By Erika

It used to be that if you wanted the latest and hottest trends in fashion, you had to pay premium prices that could render you broke. If you went for the lower-cost options, you had to give up things like proper customer service and deal with horrid store policies.

Well, now, things are slowly changing and someone in the retail industry finally woke up and realized that they can actually give us the best of both worlds. With online boutiques that offer both a personalized shopping experience AND low prices starting to crop up, there’s never been a better time to be a fashionista on a budget.

One of the best examples of those boutiques offering a new, fun and better way of shopping online is JustFab. Though their “monthly VIP membership program” sounds expensive and exclusive, it’s all actually just part of the glamorous, luxurious and extravagant image that we’ve come to associate with style and fashion.

In reality, the fabulous shoe and handbag selections at JustFab are all priced at a mere $39.95 per item and they all come with FREE shipping. If you find that unbelievable, you’ll also find it unbelievable how incredibly easy it is to become a VIP member and gain access to their team of Style Experts, their inventory of fresh-off-the-runway styles and the customized shopping experience that they offer.

Here’s how to get started on how it all works:

1. Take a fashion personality quiz

JustFab’s fashion personality quiz will ask questions like “which celebrity’s style do you most covet” and “what shoe would you most likely wear on a date”. It’s a quick and fun quiz to take, but answer as truthfully as you can so they can get the most accurate assessment of your fashion sense.

2. Register

After taking the quiz, you’ll be filling out a form with your pertinent info. The JustFabulous Style Experts will then review your answers to the fashion personality quiz and pick out shoe and handbag selections that you may like.

3. Get a selection of styles handpicked by the JustFabulous Style Experts

Once your registration is complete, you’ll then be taken to the customized collection of styles handpicked for you by the JustFabulous Style Experts. You’ll also receive a link to to this collection via email which will take you to your very own JustFabulous boutique!

4. Take your pick!

And now the best part – you get to choose what you want from the styles selected for you! As mentioned, all items are priced at just $39.95 so you can mix and match shoes and handbags to your heart’s content. Pick one, pick ten, or pick NONE, it’s your choice. You can always hit the “Send Me New Options” button to get new styles or the “Skip This Month” button if you’re not up to buying anything.

5. Become a JustFabulous VIP member

When you finally make your first purchase, you automatically become a JustFabulous VIP member.

It’s that easy!

Once you become a VIP member, you have until the 5th of each month to decide whether you want to make a purchase or to “Skip This Month”. If you don’t choose anything, you’ll be charged $39.95 on the 6th day. But don’t worry, that $39.95 won’t go to waste because you can use it as credit that can be redeemed for a shoe or a handbag that you may want in the future.

Basically, even though JustFab is a monthly VIP membership program, you are neither obligated to make any purchases nor do you have to pay any fees each month. All the money you lay out at JustFab are for the stylists’ efforts, the free shipping and of course, the fabulous items that you choose.

Ready to try this new personalized shopping experience on a budget? Point to browser to JustFab now.