Sexy Nude Ankle Boots Designed the Way Only Giuseppe Zanotti Can

March 12, 2011 • By Erika

It’s all about nude tones for footwear this spring 2011 and though not always warm season appropriate, boots are not far behind on this trend.

While we have not yet covered any nude-colored boots here on Boots 4 You, let’s get the ball rolling with these ankle boots from Giuseppe Zanotti:

Giuseppe Zanotti E17043 Ankle Boot

Great pair of boots to start out with huh? So sexy, so standout and so Giuseppe Zanotti. These nude ankle boots are exquisitely designed the way only Giuseppe Zanotti can.

This Giuseppe Zanotti E17043 Ankle Boot features a light nude-colored mesh upper contrasted with taupe leather on the open toe, the collar and the heel cup. A leg-lengthening exposed gold zipper runs down the back of the ankle. But the real star of course is that chunky 4-inch chunky metallic heel in a gleaming pinkish beige color. Studies show that humans are innately attracted to bright, shiny things — from the sun, water and metal to cars, diamonds and jewelry — so if you’re also unreasonably attracted to this ankle boot, you can just say that it’s calling to your basic instincts.

But you’re here on Boots 4 you so don’t worry – there’s absolutely no need to explain an attraction to shoes. 🙂