Ed Hardy Sydney Wedge Platform Booties

April 11, 2011 • By Erika

Hating on Ed Hardy seems like the cool thing to do these days. But just like we don’t automatically love a shoe just because it carries the Christian Louboutin name, we also can’t hate on a shoe simply because it’s from Ed Hardy.

Besides, these shoes surprisingly really aren’t bad-looking at all. Although we still would’ve preferred them without the Ed Hardy logos on both the sides AND the back (bit of an overkill), these Ed Hardy Sydney wedge platform booties are a far cry from the brand’s infamous¬†tacky tattooed and tribal t-shirts:

Not bad for a brand that’s been banned in nightclubs eh? This Ed Hardy Sydney wedge platform bootie is uncharacteristically muted and toned down. It still has edgy Ed Hardy-ish details like the mentioned blingy logos but without those, this bootie is just like one of those heavy hoof-like shoes that fashion bloggers can’t seem to get enough of.

The studded contrast-colored cap toe accent also reminds us of the Christian Louboutin Boulima and Maggie pumps which is certainly a leg up for a Ed Hardy creation.

The Ed Hardy Sydney wedge platform booties are about 5 inches high with a 1 3/4-inch covered platform sole. You can get them in tan/orange, brown/bronze or the black/grey color shown above for $54.45 to $54.64 at Amazon.