Diesel Black Gold Collection Sexy-11 Wedge Booties

May 2, 2011 • By Erika

Oof. Now THESE are a punch-you-hard-in-the-gut pair of booties:

Diesel Sexy-11 wedge booties, $250.00 (Sold Out)

I looked at this shoe from every angle trying to figure out how you get them on and off. There isn’t a zipper, a elasticated gore or any sort of opening anywhere aside from the open toe and the narrow top.

I was about to resign these as one of those shoes that you need forever to put on when I had an inkling to click on the video Zappos usually provides along with their products’ images. Thank god that they have this because not only did I find out how to get this shoe on and off but also found out about this other interesting on and off feature:

In case you’re not feeling the studs or they’ve gone out of style, you can remove the studded triple straps around the collar completely. That leaves a nice, smooth and clean-looking wedge bootie that’ll work better with more outfits than if they were with studs. However, the studded straps are what probably jacks up the price on these booties so if you like getting the most bang out of your buck when you buy shoes, you might want to leave them on. But for a 250-dollar bootie, being given the option of 2 looks in 1 is already a nice enough economical feature.

As for getting them on and off, the vamp is cut wide open all the way to the top which makes this basically a slip-on bootie. Of course, the problem now is how do you get your foot into the shoe if you want to wear them with the studded straps!

That brings us back to square one and back to the presumption that these booties will take forever to get on. But now it’s not a presumption anymore because it’s clear that if you do want to wear the bootie with the studs, you have to put on and button the straps at the back of the heel one by one.

If you think the sexiness of this Diesel Sexy-11 wedge bootie is worth all the trouble, you can get them for $250.00 at Zappos.