Frye Harness Boot Lookalikes for Just $44.55? We’re SOLD

June 28, 2011 • By Erika

Gabriella Rocha Harness boots (Sold Out)

When we first saw these Gabriella Rocha Harness boots back in January, we were blown away by how much they look like one of our all-time favorite boots, the Frye Harness 12R.

We were even more astounded to find out that they sold for only $99.00, which is over a hundred dollars less than the Fryes!

Well now, things just got a little bit more amazing because the Gabriella Rocha brand is currently on a whopping up to 80% off sale at 6pm right now.

The Harness boots are included of course, and they’re now selling for an unbelievable $44.55.

The downside to this low price is that only the small sizes are left. If you wear a size 7 or smaller, consider yourself very lucky and us very envious!

If your size is out of stock, well, you’re not out of luck just yet. The entire Gabriella Rocha brand is on sale after all and these gorgeous boots are all still up for grabs:

Gabriella Rocha Countee, $67.50 (was $135.00)

Gabriella Rocha Kassey, $62.50 (was $125.00)

Gabriella Rocha Jesse, $57.20 (was $143.00)

Gabriella Rocha Naiya, $44.50 (was $89.00)

Gabriella Rocha Nadya, $34.50 (was $69.00)

Gabriella Rocha shoes are priced between $11.00 and $101.50 at the sale. Shop the Gabriella Rocha sale at 6pm NOW.