Buckle Up – Here Come the Bebe Taffy Booties

August 3, 2011 • By Erika

Buckle up, boot lovers and get ready to be blown away by these Bebe Taffy booties:

Bebe Taffy booties in blue (Sold Out)

These sort of remind me of the similarly buckled strap-sided┬áMichael Antonio Langston pumps except these are more awesome because they’re BOOTS.

And with that rich suede upper, that matte stiletto 4 1/2″ heel and that metallic insole / platform, how can you not prefer these baaad booties over prissy pumps?

Okay, maybe the Michael Antonios aren’t THAT prissy, but these Bebes have got a lot more straps and a lot more buckles — double the amount that the Michael Antonios have to be exact.

If the electric blue color above is a bit too in-your-face, here are the other colors that the Bebe Taffy booties come in:

Bebe Taffy booties in taupe

Bebe Taffy booties in black

I say you should still go for the electric blue ones though!