Dollhouse ‘Krew’ Patched Peep Toe Mid-Calf Boots

September 1, 2011 • By Erika

I know that Dollhouse is categorized as a junior’s clothing and footwear label with a target market of women as young as 15. But even if they were strictly a junior’s brand, that doesn’t matter much in footwear anyways because many girls reach their full shoe size by that age!

So I thought it appropriate to highlight these boots from Dollhouse today, which are part military, part sexy and all 100% fun.

Check out the¬†Dollhouse ‘Krew’ boots with embroidered and rhinestone-studded patches decorating the entire outer side of its boot shaft:

Dollhouse Krew patched peep toe mid-calf boots in black

Those are some regal-looking crown, shield and medallion patches. But somehow it still ends up looking like a fun party boot unlike the other patched boot from Giuseppe Zanotti we featured some time ago!

Perhaps it’s the oversized proportions, the random placement or the highly contrasting, almost cartoonish red and blue colors against the gold. Or maybe it’s because this boot only costs an unbelievable $37.95 which is a price for a shoe that we can most definitely party to!

This ‘Krew’ boot also comes in this tan color:

Dolhouse Krew patched peep toe mid-calf boots in tan

The heel is approximately 4 1/4″, the platform 1/2″ and the boot shaft is 10 1/2″ high.

There is no zipper opening anywhere but the harness strap going around the ankle is adjustable.

Again, this boot sells for only $37.95 at Amazon. I guess that’s one of the great things about junior’s clothing brands — the much, MUCH cheaper prices!