Top 5 Double Buckle Cuff Military Boots

September 6, 2011 • By Erika

We know just how popular All Saints boots are. Well, it seems like their popularity has really hit an all-time high this season because so many shoe brands have come out with their own version of the All Saints boots for Fall 2011!

Here we’ve rounded up a handful of lookalikes of not just any All Saints boot but THE All Saints boot: the ‘Damisi’. The ‘Damisi’ features a double-buckled cuff at the top of the boot shaft and though there were plenty of other boots that have this cuff, we limited our picks to those that stayed true to the double buckle style.

So here they are, our top 5 double buckle cuff boots like the All Saints ‘Damisi’ boots. The All Saints boots themselves retail for about $300.00 and though there are a couple on this list that are priced in the $300.00 to $400.00 range, majority of our picks are priced much, much lower than that.

Let’s start with the fifth pick and work our way up:

5. Tapeet by Vicini Z07022

This Tapeet by Vicini boot starts off our list. It’s the only one on this list that has a distressed look to its suede material which as you may know is one of the defining features of All Saints boots. We also love the crepe sole on this boot — it gives it a more laidback feel:

Tapeet by Vicini Z07022 ankle cuff lace-up boot, $388.27 (Sold Out)

4. Sendra City Ranger

Number 4 is this ‘City Ranger’ boot from Sendra. As you can see, it’s got the look of the All Saints ‘Damisi’ boot down pat! If only it were priced lower, this would’ve been higher on our list.

Sendra City Ranger military boot, $400.00

3. Wanted Shoes Depart

Right in the middle is Wanted Shoes’ ‘Depart’ boot style. In addition to the double buckle cuff and the lace-up closure, this boot has also got a kiltie detail at the vamp.

The metal hardware also changes with the color of the boot. It’s silver for the black leather and bronze for the brown leather.

Wanted Shoes Depart buckled cuff lace-up boot, $69.99

2. Call It Spring Litrenta

In at number 2 is this ‘Litrenta’ boot from Call It Spring. This boot has a lug sole which isn’t present on the All Saints ‘Damisi’ boot but that detail doesn’t really take away from the design. If anything, it actually might be preferable over the smooth leather outsole. But still, that takes away points from this boot and only makes it end up at the number 2 rank.

Call It Spring Litrenta buckled lace-up boot, $69.99 (Sold Out)

1. 2 Lips Too Too Livid

So what’s our to pick? This ‘Too Livid’ boot from 2 Lips Too. Aside from resembling the All Saints ‘Damisi’ boot the most, this boot is also the least expensive on this list at $64.95!

Price typically plays a big part in our choices, especially considering that the boot that we’re comparing with is $300.00. We love that this boot gives the most similar look and gives it for A LOT less.

2 Lips Too Too Livid cuffed lace-up boot, $64.95 (Sold Out)

So, do you agree with our choices? As for the distressed look, well, there’s always trying to achieve it through natural means. Scuffing up and wearing out a pair of boots is usually the fun part about owning  a new pair of boots anyways. Certainly beats having to pay hundreds of dollars for that “pre-worn” look!