Matisse Bosworth Strap and Buckle Heel Ankle Boots

September 20, 2011 • By Erika

We know that Kate Bosworth absolutely LOVES her Isabel Marant Forbes ankle boots. She practically lived in them in the summer of 2010, bought a different color for spring/summer 2011 and wore them out again and again and again!

So when we came across this Isabel Marant Forbes ankle boot lookalike from Matisse and saw that they were called the ‘Bosworth’, it elicited a chuckle from us:

Matisse Bosworth ankle boots in natural

Guess we weren’t the only ones who noticed Kate Bosworth’s boot obsession! But we wonder, did Matisse really name this cute ankle boot after Kate Bosworth?

Matisse might deny it but it is a fitting name for this cowboy-inspired ankle boot. We love the addition of the straps and buckles at the back of the heel counter — they make the ankle boot’s style more modern and make them standout a bit more from plenty of other summer suede ankle boots out there!

Aside from the natural suede color shown above, the Matisse Bosworth ankle boot also comes in this darker khaki leather version:

Matisse Bosworth ankle boots in khaki

The stonewashed and distressed details are gone but that can be easily remedied through means of natural wear and tear.

Plenty of online shoe stores carry the Matisse Bosworth ankle boots but Zappos just restocked them and is the only one who has them in complete sizes right now. They priced at $168.00.