The Call It Spring ‘Poat’ Boots or the Call It Spring ‘Camon’ Boots?

December 12, 2011 • By Erika

My shoe closet is currently in need of a pair of buckled boots this winter. Though I’m loving the clean and sleek tall boots that are trending now, I can’t help but be drawn to the classic styling of the rough and rugged buckled boot.

So far, my two candidates are the ‘Poat’ boot and the ‘Camon’ boot, both from Aldo Group shoe label Call It Spring. Call It Spring boots have the classic yet stylish look that I love. Incidentally, they also have the specific buckled boot styles (and the prices!) that I am looking for right now.

First up is the ‘Poat’ boot:

Call It Spring Poat boots, $74.99 (Sold Out)

What first drew me to this boot is that cream faux fur lining along the top 2 inches of the inside boot shaft. I’m sure that that’s going to contribute greatly to this boot’s comfortability and you can probably also fold that part down for a different look. The stacked cone heel also adds a bit of a feminine touch to this buckled boot but at just 2 inches, it’s going to be manageable and not a problem to walk in at all.

I also have to note that this boot is now discounted at 25% off, which means I get to save a nice $25 on them.

My next candidate is this ‘Camon’ boot:

Call It Spring Camon boots, $55.99 (Sold Out)

Now this boot gets the buckled boot look that I’m really going for. I love how one of the buckled straps straddles the heel, giving it a bit of a harness strap look. The burnished finish on the synthetic leather makes the boot look expensive and like they were made of real leather. I also love how the sole have that wooden finish but they’re really made of rubber which is the material that you want especially in winter.

With the discount Zappos put on this boot, this ‘Camon’ boot is also much cheaper at $55.99. That for me is a very reasonable price pay for a boot made of faux leather.

I love the ‘Poat’ boot for it’s faux fur lining but the stacked heel draws away from its ruggedness. I love the ‘Camon’ boot for its true-to-the-original buckled boot style but I’m not liking that it’s only a pull-on boot. So in short, I still can’t decide between the two — should I go for the Call It Spring Poat boots or the Call It Spring Camon boots?