Christina Ricci’s Alexander Wang Noemi Booties at the Alexander Wang Post-Runway After-Party

December 14, 2011 • By Erika

Back in September, our sister site YourNextShoes spotted Christina Ricci showing off her moves at a dance-off against fashion designer Alexander Wang:

Christina Ricci plays Sony PlayStation’s new “Everybody Dance” game at the PlayStation living room at the Alexander Wang post-runway after-party held at NYC’s Pier 40 on September 10, 2011

Sounds like such a random thing but Christina Ricci and Alexander Wang were actually playing Sony Playstation’s new “Everybody Dance” game. Sony Playstation was one of the sponsors of Alexander Wang’s latest frat house-themed post-runway after-party and they had an entire living dedicated just to Playstation at the event.

I wish I could get Sony Playstation to sponsor one of my parties. OR, better yet, get Alexander Wang to sponsor one of my outfits like Christina Ricci. In the picture above, Christina Ricci is shakin’ her little booty in the Alexander Wang engineered stripe tank dress. On her feet are these Alexander Wang Resort 2012 Noemi booties which are a redesign of the first Noemi bootie from the Resort 2011 collection:

Alexander Wang Noemi booties in black, $570.00

Alexander Wang keeps churning out these to-die-for booties, I’m beginning to suspect he has an “It” shoe maker hidden somewhere in his house.

The black color above and the one that Christina Ricci has is available for $570.00 at the Alexander Wang website. It also comes in this olive color which just newly arrived at Shopbop:

Alexander Wang Noemi 3 tab suede booties, $570.00

These have a full suede panel instead of the heel being made out of a different material. This olive color also retails for $570.00. Shop for this next “It” shoe now at Shopbop!


Credit: Startraks Photo