The 5 Types of Boots Every Woman Should Own

December 26, 2011 • By Erika

It’s been a couple of years since we officially started Boots4You. In those two years, we’ve written 400+ posts with over half of them published in 2011 alone.

We’ve featured so many different boot brands, spotted so many celebrities, and covered so many different boot styles. We’ve also observed plenty of boot trends, many of which came and went faster than you can say “fashion faux pas”.

Not all of them just whizzed past us though; there were some that proved their staying power and some that remained steadfast. Now that we have a comprehensive coverage of boots here on our blog, we can confidently point out the boots that stood out as classics, as timeless styles and as “here-to-stays” for us here on Boots4You.

Whatever the reigning trend may be, people always keep coming back to these boot styles on our blog. Clearly it’s because these are the boot styles that you’ll also keep coming back to if they were in your closet. You might as well present engagement rings to these boots because these are the ones that will stay with you forever, that will remain faithful and that will hold true.

Check ’em out: here are the 5 boot styles that every woman should own:

1. The comfortable boot

Women define comfort differently and so it follows that the comfortable boot is different for each woman. It could be hiking boots for the outdoor gal, worn-in cowboy boots for the cowgirl, or ugg boots for, well, plenty of other women out there!

Why every woman should have a comfortable boot is pretty self-explanatory. This is also the boot that women should choose mainly for its comfort factor above everything else. No sacrificing just for the sake of fashion with this boot!

UGG Australia classic tall boots in sand kimono, $160.99 to $200.99 (as $179.95 to $200.99)

2. The ankle boot

Another boot every woman should own is an ankle boot. The ankle boot is the answer to when wearing tall boots is too much of a hassle or you just can’t be bothered with tucking your pants or jeans into your boots.

We’re loving the ankle boot even more now because wearing one is an easy way to adding some chicness to any outfit. Just check out Cameron Diaz at an Oscars party. Like these celebrities, choose an ankle boot depending on your lifestyle: a low square-heeled one for the working professionals or a platform bootie for those who can afford a bit more of a fashionable flair to their everyday wear.

HK by Heidi Klum Melinda platform bootie, $149.00

3. The stiletto boot

The stiletto boot is a must-have because it’s the style that instantly adds a touch of elegance to an outfit while still keeping you warm and protected. We’re talking about the most popular style for the stiletto boot of course: something in a knee-high height with a tapered pointy toe.

But like with the other boot styles on this list, you can adjust this style according to your own preferences and personality. If it’s not elegance you’re aiming for, you can send whatever else message you want with a stiletto boot! Round toe, buckled, platform or thigh high — really, it’s your pick.

Nine West Fairvinda knee high leather boot,  $90.99 to $97.00 (was $129.00)

4. The flat boot

The flat boot you choose to be part of your wardrobe essentials should be able to pull all your looks together while still being comfortable. Not to be confused with the comfortable boot, the flat boot is what you wear out of the house after changing out of your comfortable boot!

You could be wearing a simple dress, cut-off shorts or an old pair of jeans but once you slip into your flat boots, you’d look instantly presentable, like you gave your outfit some effort and maybe even a little bit stylish.

We love a flat boot in leather and in a riding boot style. It’s a classic boot that will always be in fashion.

DV by Dolce Vita Zela boot, $85.13 to $169.99 (was $169.99)

5. The showstopping boot

Last but not least, every woman should own a showstopping boot. It’s the Francesco Scognamiglio glittery and strappy thigh high boots for Jennifer Hudson, it’s the Giuseppe Zanotti diamante booties for Cassie Scerbo, and it’s the Alain Quilici Payson skate booties for Beyonce even though she just wore them on one of her regular working days!

This isn’t really a classic boot style but it’s one that women should own nevertheless.

What’s a showstopping boot for you? Something six inches high, something with an exquisite embroidery detail or something dripping in diamonds? For many, a showstopping boot could just be anything that has the Louboutin signature red sole!

Christian Louboutin Marissa studded platform boot, $2,295.00