Report Introduces New Colors of the Insanely Popular “Marks” Ankle Boots

February 29, 2012 • By Erika

Proving just how popular the Isabel Marant Dicker boots are, knockoffs of it like the “Marks” ankle boots by Report continue to sell, and sell often.

Report came out with these boots in the summer of last year — easily 5 years in fashion cycle time — but it’s still selling the boots up to this day. Actually, not only does it continue to sell these boots, but it also goes on to produce them in fresh, new colors for the upcoming spring and summer seasons.

In addition to the bestselling neutral colors, Report has now added new versions in bright red and blue to the lineup.

Report Marks Ankle Boot in Red

Report Marks Ankle Boot in Blue

Obviously, compared with the original colors, these wouldn’t be as easy to mix and match with other pieces, but would add a nice pop of color to lazy summer getups. These colors also differentiate them from other suede ankle boots — Isabel Marant or not — that have currently overrun boot styles right now.

If you’re curious to know what the bestselling colors are, they are (in order) the sand, cognac, and luggage ones.

Report Marks Ankle Boot in Sand

Report Marks Ankle Boot in Cognac

Report Marks Ankle Boot in Luggage

I find these the above boots to be better-looking lookalikes of the Isabel Marant boots than the Steven by Steve Madden “Pembrook” suede ankle boots. And they’re at the same price, too — the Report Marks retail for $99.00.

You can shop for the new colors of these boots at Nordstrom, but if you want a good deal, head over to Amazon, which has the original colors listed for as low as $33.00!

OnlineShoes also has the bestselling sand color on sale for $79.99 and with complete sizes in stock.