UGG Collection “Onorina” Boots: A Different Ugg

March 7, 2012 • By Erika

When did UGG Australia ugg boots stop being ugly? It seems like they’re having a real “ugly duckling turned beautiful swan” moment.

We’re aware that they have now positioned themselves to break into the high-end market with their new luxury brand, the UGG Collection, but we didn’t expect to be absolutely BLOWN AWAY.

The particular boots that got our jaws dropping are the “Onorina” booties featuring a woven vegetable-tanned leather upper, a leather-wrapped platform, and a luxe hand-sculpted Palissandro Santos rosewood heel:

UGG Collection Onorina Woven Leather Peep-Toe Booties in Cuoio, $850.00

If we hadn’t known that these boots are from UGG Australia, we would’ve easily assumed that they are from Balenciaga, Jimmy Choo, Burberry, or some other luxury designer. UGG Australia definitely has the luxurious look, the high-end feel, and even the exorbitant price of designer boots right — the “Onorina” booties retail for a steep $850.00!

There’s no doubt that UGG Australia has successfully combined high fashion and comfort in their new UGG Collection label, but would people with the money to buy UGG Collection boots buy them at all? When you have nearly a thousand dollars to spend on boots and you have brands like Christian Louboutin, Prada, and Brian Atwood available to you, the ugg boots don’t really stand out as the obvious first choice.

Unless, of course, spending that amount on shoes is common to you and you’re shopping for boots based on style. In that case, here’s another color of the “Onorina” that some may prefer to the one above:

UGG Collection Onorina Woven Leather Peep-Toe Booties in Smoke, $850.00

You can shop for these booties at Zappos and at UGG Australia.

We wonder if UGG Collection shoes would ever make their way on the red carpet?