Meet the New Boots of Your Dreams: Studded-Heel Bow Satin Ankle Boots from Stella McCartney

April 17, 2012 • By Erika

There’s a Stella McCartney craze going on right now. Celebrities are all over the Stella McCartney Spring 2012 swirly cutout mixed print dresses and the new Stella McCartney fall 2012 pointy-toe black-and-white platform shoes.

As for boots, a singular Stella McCartney piece hasn’t been picked out yet, but expect that to change very soon. Meet the new boots of your dreams, everyone: the Stella McCartney studded-heel bow satin ankle boots:

Stella McCartney Studded-Heel Bow Satin Ankle Boots, $1,075.00

You just gotta love the contrast between the cute square bow and the tough stud-covered column heel on this boot. It’s the perfect balance between sweet and spicy, don’t you think? The whole boot has an elegant and formal look, but it also has an edgy rock ‘n roll side. A bow-less version of these boots is also available, but for us, removing the bow makes the boots lose some of their naughty yet nice appeal:

Stella McCartney Studded-Heel Satin Ankle Boots, $975.00

Removing the bow also makes the pair cost $100 less, but $975 is still a hefty price tag. Well, that’s why we called these boots “the boots of your dreams”!

If you want and can make this dream come true, head over to Saks Fifth Avenue for the beribboned pair. If it’s the simpler bow-less version that’s caught your fancy, shop for it at Net-a-Porter.