Style Spotlight: Go Fierce and Posh with Baroque Booties by B Brian Atwood!

September 6, 2012 • By Mary

So, what’s your hot fashion piece for fall? Every woman should splurge on at least one key fashion item that could serve as the highlight of her look to usher in the new season! If you still haven’t gotten around to getting your key fall fashion piece, then you might be interested in grabbing hold of this pair of juicy hot-red pair of booties by B Brian Atwood!

For certain, this B Brian Atwood pair isn’t your ordinary pair of ankle booties — it features gorgeous baroque swirling patterns matched with a hot-red hue that makes it a true feast for the eyes this season. Visit Nordstrom and see if these hot and fiery boots are worth the splurge:

B Brian Atwood “Figara” Booties in Red, $450.00